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Two Brothers in 17th Century Java – Catharina Margetts

B. about 1625 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
M. 7 Mar 1649 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Husband: Adrian Hegeman
D. 1690 in Flatbush, New York
Emigrated: about 1652

Catharina Margetts was baptized in the New Church in Amsterdam on February 4, 1625. Her parents were Joseph Margetts, an Englishman, and Anna van Weedenburch, a Dutch woman. She had six sisters and two brothers. Catharina's mother died when she was ten years-old, and her father remarried, having one more child, a girl.

On March 7, 1649, Catharina married Adrian Hegeman, a silk weaver. At the time of her marriage, she was living on the Oudesyts Achterburgwall in Amsterdam. They had eight children born between 1649 and 1665. The first two children were born in Amsterdam; then in about 1652, the family migrated to the Dutch colony in America. Adrian purchased land in Flatbush and they settled there.

Catharina's two brothers, Joris and Joseph seem to have traveled the globe. Joris was in the Dutch colony in Brazil in 1636, and in 1648, he was in Java (which is now Indonesia). Joseph also made his way to Java and according to a record from 1664, he died there. Catharina was owed money from his estate, and she was named in the record:

"To-day, the 28th of February 1664, appeared before me, Walewyn van der Veen, Notary Public …, the Worshipful Adriaen Heegeman, Schout of the Villages of Amesfort [Flatlands], Breukelen, Midewout [Flatbush] and Uytrecht on Long Island in this Province, who declared that as husband and guardian of Catharina Margits he constitutes and empowers … as his attorney the worthy Sieur Joseph Margits, his father-in-law, living at Amsterdam, Holland, to demand and receive … from the Lords Directors of the Honble East India Company, Department of Amsterdam, such moneys, as are due to his said wife from the estate of her deceased brother Joseph Margits, who died in East India, according to his testament and other vouchers…"

Catharina's husband Adrian died in 1672. In April 1688, Catharina moved from Flatbush to New York and joined the Reformed Dutch church there. She died in 1690 and was buried in the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church cemetery on April 16th.

1. Hendricus Hegeman – B. about 1649, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. about 1710; M. Ariaentje Bloodgood, 26 Apr 1685, Flatlands, New York

2. Joseph Hegeman – B. about 1651, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. about 1725; Femmetje Van der Beeck (1657-?), 21 Oct 1677

3. Jacobus Hegeman – B. about 1652; D. about 1741; M. Jannetje Ariens, 14 Oct 1683

4. Isaac Hegeman – B. about 1656, New Netherland; M. Marytje Roelofse Schenck, 15 Feb 1687

5. Denys Hegeman – B.  about 1658, Flatbush, New Netherland; D. about 1702; M. Grace Dollen (1659-1732)

6. Benjamin Hegeman – B. about 1660, Flatbush, New Netherland

7. Abraham Hegeman – B. about 1662, Flatbush, New Netherland

8. Elizabeth Hegeman – B. about 1665, Flatbush, New York; M. Tobias Ten Eyck, 12 Apr 1684

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Genealogy website of John Blythe Dobson, which cites many other sources

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