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Left His Daughters as Orphans – Medad Lyman

B. 18 Mar 1770 in Charlotte, Vermont
M. (1) before 1797 in (probably) Charlotte, Vermont
Wife: Anne Clapp
M. (2) 5 Dec 1805 in (probably) Charlotte, Vermont
Wife: Olive Mead
D. 5 Feb 1813 in (probably) Charlotte, Vermont

Medad Lyman was born on March 18, 1770 in Charlotte, Vermont, to Oliver Lyman and Eleanor Lyman, who were second cousins. He was the eighth child in a family of ten children. His father was a captain who served in the American Revolution when Medad was a boy.

Medad married Anne Clapp sometime before 1797, probably in Charlotte. They had three daughters; the older two were Minerva and Sophia, but the youngest died as an infant, and Anne died about a week after to giving birth to her. Medad married a second wife, Olive Mead, a widow, on December 5, 1805. Medad and Olive had one daughter, Anne, born on October 25, 1806.

Medad died on February 5, 1813 at the age of 42. (The book Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain and America incorrectly stated that he died in 1803.) Medad was buried in Barber Hill Cemetery in Charlotte. His brother Gad was also buried there and died just a few days after Medad; it was said that Gad and his wife died of "yellow fever." Another brother, Jared, died in Bridport, Vermont on January 26, 1813. Of the 718 known burials in Barber Hill Cemetery, eight people died during February 1813 and they were all under the age of 52. It's likely Medad and the others died of a typhous influenza epidemic that was known to have affected the region at that time. His widow Olive remarried to a man named Jeremiah Barton; she died September 11, 1836 in Charlotte.

Chidren by Anne Clapp:
1. Minerva Lyman – B. 3 Mar 1797

2.  Sophia Lyman – B. 21 Sep 1800, Charlotte, Vermont; D. 2 May 1838, Nelson, New Hampshire; M. Abel Kittredge (1798-1882), 28 Jan 1824, Nelson, New Hampshire

3. Anne Lyman – B. 5 Dec 1802, Charlotte, Vermont; D. 18 May 1803

Children by Olive Mead:
1. Anne Marie Lyman – B. 25 Oct 1806, Charlotte, Vermont; D. 1879, Nelson, New Hampshire; M. Abel Kittredge (1798-1882), 29 Nov 1838, Nelson, New Hampshire

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