Sunday, April 1, 2012

About My Blog Site

This blog is for the purpose of sharing information about my ancestors, which I've gathered from over 35 years of research. I have a heritage that is an American melting pot: Greek, Irish, French, English, Scottish, Dutch and several other European nationalities, plus some Native American. I'm endlessly fascinated with the combination of people who came together to make me, and I want to know as much as possible about them.

Many of my ancestors exist only as names and dates, but some have a story to tell, and for these individuals, I have written biographies. The bulk of the biographies come from three branches of my pedigree that trace back to 17th century North American colonies: New France, New England and New Netherlands. These people are fairly well-documented because many colonial records have survived. And since the people lived so long ago, they have a massive amount of descendants, some of whom have done extensive research on them. My New France and New Netherlands branches include some of the very first settlers there; my New England branch doesn't go back to the Mayflower, but has several people who sailed with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. I feel lucky to be connected to so much history.

My biographies also include people who lived during the 18th,19th and 20th centuries. These people have a much smaller number of descendants because they're more recent, but at least a few people might benefit from my research. If nothing else, my blogs serve as a tribute to these ancestors.

Each post features the biography of one of my ancestors. I issue them in no particular order; I've made an index to help reference them. I hope that readers will get something out of my efforts. If anyone wants to offer information, or just to connect with me, please leave a comment. Thank you.

Ancestor Biography Index

Allyn, Matthew (1605-1670)
Archambault, Marie (1636-1719)
Ashley, Robert (~1615-1682)
Bartlett, Robert (?-1676)
Bartlett, Samuel (~1639-1712)
Bevan, Job (1793-1862)
Bevan, Maria (1820-1888)
Bishop, Edward (~1620-aft 1694)
Bogaert, Teunis Gysbertse (1625-1699)
Bolheres, James John (~1886-1941)
Bordeleau, Antoine (1730-1793)
Boucher, Marin (~1589-1671)
Boynton, Joshua (1646-1736)
Boynton, Phebe (1750-1847)
Boynton, William (~1606-1686)
Brokaw, John (~1680-1740)
Brokaw, John (1709-1804)
Brooks, Thomas (~1595-1667)
Broucard, Bourgon (~1645-1720)
Bulkeley, Edward (~1540-1621)
Burrage, John (1616-1685)
Butler, Mary (1807-1898)
Butler, Nicholas (~1595-1671)
Caron, Claude (~1641-1708)
Caron, Marie-Catherine (1738-~1793)
Carpenter, Benjamin (1663-1738)
Carpenter, William (1605-1659)
Carpenter, William (1631-1703)
Carrier, Jean (1638-?)
Cheever, Ezekiel (1614-1708)
Chiasson dit Lavallee, Guyon (~1638-~1693)
Chouinard, Jacques (1663-1721)
Clap, Roger (1609-1691)
Clapp, Anne (1773-1802)
Clapp, Benjamin (1738-1815)
Clapp, Jonathan (1713-1782)
Clapp, Preserved (1643-1720)
Clifford, Mary (1798-1876)
Colburn, Edward (1618-1700)
Coleman, Hanora (1825-1890)
Dakin, Samuel (1700-1758)
Davis, Mary Jane (1834-1927)
Davis, Samuel (1798-1888)
Derehaugh, Anne (~1584-aft 1642)
Desportes, Hélène (1620-1675)
Desportes, Pierre (~1594-bef 1634)
Dixey, William (~1607-1690)
Drousson dit Robert, Marie-Madeleine
Dubois, Madeleine (~1640-1721)
Dumont, Peter Abraham (1734-1818)
Dumont, Sarah (1764-1846)
Dumont, Wallerand (?-1713)
Edeline, William Marion (1848-1876)
Elwood, Hazel Laura (1901-1964)
Elwood, James William (1869-1925)
Fairbanks, Lydia (?-1704)
Fish, Lydia (?-1712)
Fletcher, William (1622-1677)
Ford, Thomas (bef 1595-1676)
French, James Riddle (1810-1857)
French, John (1635-1712)
French, Nancy Sophia (1856-1916)
French, Stephen (~1749-1832)
French, William (~1603-1681)
French, William (1713-1793)
Furlong, Eliza (1830-1912)
Furlong, Martin (1797-1889)
Gareman, Pierre (1604-1653)
Giroux, Toussaint (~1633-1715)
Glover, Henry (~1616-1689)
Hallé, Barbe (~1646-1696)
Hallé, Jean-Baptiste (~1607-1672)
Hegeman, Adrian (~1624-1672)
Hewes, Eleanor Mabel (1880-1942)
Hewes, George Henry (1853-1923)
Hill, Ralph (?-1663)
Holton, William (1610-1691)
Hughes, Charles W. (1819-bef 1864)
Hunter, Isabelle Elizabeth (~1803-1872)
Jean, Pierre (~1645-~1626)
Kendall, Thomas (~1617-1681)
Kittredge, Abel (1798-1882)
Kittredge, Jane (1703-1779)
Kittredge, John (1630-1676)
Kittredge, John (1666-1714)
Kittredge, Joshua (1761-1834)
Kittredge, Sophia Newell (1824-1900)
La Brie, Louis Martin (1868-1911)
La Brie, Minnie Louise (1893-1950)
Labree, Francis (1828-1909)
Langlois, Françoise (~1599-bef 1635)
Langlois, Marguerite (~1599-1665)
Lewis, William (?-1683)
Littlefield, Edmund (1592-1661)
Littlefield, Francis (1619-1712)
Littlefield, Mary (1646-1719)
Luckey, Ellen Ann (1829-1882)
Luckey, Mary Edith (1854-1899)
Luckey, Samuel (1830-1884)
Lyman, Gad (1713-1791)
Lyman, John (1623-1690)
Lyman, Medad (1770-1813)
Lyman, Oliver (1739-1799)
Lyman, Richard (1580-1640)
Lyman, Sophia (1800-1838)
Margetts, Catharina (~1625-1690)
Margetts, Joseph (~1593-1675)
Martin, Abraham (~1589-1664)
Martin, Anne (1645-1717)
Martin, Joachim (~1636-1690)
Martin, Marie-Madeleine (~1642-1714)
Martin, Pierre (~1601-aft 1679)
McGuire, Julia A. (1871-1922)
McGuire, Patrick H. (1834-1882)
Minot, George (1594-1671)
Minot, James (1653-1735)
Minot, John (~1626-1669)
Mignault dit Labrie, Jean (~1665-1735)
Mitchell, Thomas Michael (1893-1980)
Morgan, Robert (~1601-1672)
Morin, Marie (~1646-1729)
Morin, Noël (~1609-1680)
Morin, Pierre (~1662-1741)
Morin dit Boucher, Pierre (~1634-~1690)
Newberry, Benjamin (~1624-1689)
Newberry, Thomas (~1594-~1636)
Nicolet, Jean (1598-1642)
Nicolet, Madeleine-Euphrosine (~1628-1689)
Norman, Richard (?-aft 1653)
Paine, Rebecca (~1618-1703)
Patten, Thomas (1636-1690)
Patten, William (?-1668)
Peirce, Stephen (1679-1749)
Pepperell, William (1764-1841)
Pietersen, Laurens (?-aft 1663)
Plumb, John (1594-1648)
Pomeroy, Eltweed (1585-1673)
Pomeroy, Medad (1638-1716)
Probasco, Christoffel (~1649-?)
Probasco, Juriaen (?-~1664)
Quitel, Marthe (~1638-1722)
Rapelje, Joris Jansen (1604-1663)
Rapelje, Sarah Jorise (1625-1685)
Ratté, Jacques (~1630-1699)
Ravellette, Mary Louise (1850-1918)
Renaud dit Deslauriers, Jean-Baptiste (1708-1773)
Renaud dit Deslauriers, Jean-Baptiste (1754-1834)
Richard, Jean-Baptiste (1681-?)
Richardson, Ezekiel (~1602-1647)
Riddle, Gawn (~1700-1779)
Ross, James (1852-1882)
Ross, James S. (1803-1878)
Ross, John (1764-1808)
Ross, John (1829-after 1872)
Ross, Laura Ethol (1873-1917)
Rossignol, Jeanne (~1652-1712)
Sayles, John (~1594-~1645)
Sayles, Phoebe (1625-1666)
Soucy dit Lavigne, Jean (?-~1678)
Strong Jedediah (1637-1733)
Strong, John (~1610-1699)
Stryker, Jan (1615-bef 1697)
Thorndike, John (1603-1668)
Thorndike, Paul (~1642-~1698)
Thunay dit Dufresne, Félix (~1633-1683)
Toole, Mary (1846-1904)
Toole, Timothy (?-bef 1870)
Trico, Catalyntje Jeronimus (~1605-1689)
Turgeon, Charles (~1627-aft 1699)
Van Aersdalen, Jan Pauwelsz (~1600-1654)
Van Arsdalen, Alletta (1803-1886)
Van Arsdalen, Christoffel (~1696-~1772)
Van Arsdalen, Christopher (1760-1840)
Van Arsdalen, Jan (1676-1756)
Van Arsdalen, Simon (1627-1710)
Van Cleef, Jan Cornelissen (1628-aft 1698)
Van Middleswart, Jan Teunise (1654-aft 1723)
Van Schouw, Claes Cornelissen (1606-?)
Van Sutphen, Dirck Janse (~1645-1707)
Van Tuyl, Martha (1767-1853)
Verreau dit LeBourguigon, Barthélemy (~1631-1700)
Wheeler, Timothy (~1604-1687)
Whiting, John (1561-1617)
Woodbury, William (~1589-1677)
Woodford, Thomas (?-1667)
Woodward, Freedom (~1642-1681)
Woodward, Henry (~1601-1683)
Worcester, Samuel (1629-1681)
Worcester, William (~1601-1662)