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Illinois and Kansas Farmer – Samuel Luckey

B. 7 Jan 1830 in (probably) St. Charles County, Missouri
M. 7 Apr 1853 in Jersey County, Illinois
Wife: Mary Jane Davis
D. 8 Mar 1884 in Labette County, Kansas

Samuel Luckey was typical of a 19th century Midwest farmer: he worked hard all his life, had many children and migrated his family further west.

Samuel parents, Joseph and Esther Luckey, came from North Carolina, but not much is known of their lives. There is no existing record of their marriage; it is believed they lived in Tennessee before moving to Missouri around 1829. Joseph Luckey is listed in St. Charles County in the 1830 census. Samuel was born there on January 7, 1830, although there is no male under the age of 5 in the census listing.

By looking at the birthplaces of the other children, the family must have relocated to Illinois by 1833. Samuel would grow up on a farm in Jersey County. The family is missing from the 1840 census and the first record of Samuel Luckey was on the 1850 census. It appeared by that time that his father had died, and Samuel was the oldest male in the household.

On April 7, 1853, Samuel set off on his own as he married Mary Jane Davis, a young woman whose parents were also from North Carolina. The Luckey and Davis families appeared to be closely related and may have migrated to Illinois together. Samuel acquired his own farm in Jersey County and fathered a large family of ten children born between 1854 and 1878.

In 1879, Samuel decided he wanted to move to one of the western states, to newly cultivated territory. He bought a farm in Labette County, Kansas, and the entire family moved there, including a married daughter with her family. On the 1880 census, Samuel was listed as suffering from ague, a lung disease common on prairie farms. He died four years later on March 8, 1884.

1. Mary Edith Luckey – B. 18 Jun 1854, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 18 Jan 1899, Labette County, Kansas; M. (1) James Ross (1852-1884), 24 Jul 1872, Jersey County, Illinois; (2) Albert Leonartz (1849-?), 8 Aug 1887, Labette County, Kansas

2. Caroline Elizabeth Luckey – B. 29 Nov 1855, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 2 Aug 1887, Labette County, Kansas

3. Eliza Ann Luckey – B. 1858, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 24 May 1862, Jersey County, Illinois

4. Eleanora Luckey – B. 6 Aug 1859, Jersey County, Illinois; D. Jan 1865, Jersey County, Illinois

5. Laura Jane Luckey – B. 2 Apr 1861, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 18 Apr 1954, McMinnville, Oregon; M. John Walter Brown (1852-1919), 23 Oct 1879, Jersey County, Illinois

6. Joseph M. Luckey – B. 23 Feb 1863, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 4 Feb 1941, Parsons, Kansas; M. Rachel Matilda Minder (1864-1953), 2 May 1884, Osage, Kansas

7. Rosa Bell Luckey – B. 30 Sep 1866, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 31 May 1941, Los Angeles, California; M. George Willis Reed (1867-1944), 2 Jan 1889, Parsons, Kansas

8. Margaret Louisa Luckey – B. 24 Dec 1868, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 22 Feb 1952, Parsons, Kansas; M. Alexander Taylor (1857-1940), 25 Dec 1888, Parsons, Kansas

9. John F. Luckey – B. 16 Apr 1870, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 8 Mar 1884, Labette County, Kansas

10. William Anderson Luckey – B. 8 May 1874, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 7 Dec 1935, Sedalia, Missouri; M. Ella Lucinda Mashburn (1880-1959), 23 Dec 1896, Parsons, Kansas

11. May B. Luckey – B. 10 Sep 1878, Jersey County, Illinois; D. 15 Oct 1884, Labette County, Kansas

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