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Afflicted by Some Evil Spell – Barbe Hallé

B. about 1646 in Chartes, France
M. 4 Nov 1670 in Quebec City, New France
Husband: Jean Carrier
D. June 1696 in New France
Emigrated: 1658

Barbe Hallé was an adolescent when she migrated to New France. She was born in Chartes, France to Jean-Baptiste Hallé and Mathurine Valet in about 1646. She had at least two sisters and possibly other siblings born in France.

When Barbe was about nine years-old, her father left for New France, returning three years later to bring his wife and three daughters over to the colony. The family settled in Lauzon, which was across the water from Quebec City, and added one more child to the family, a boy, born in 1659. When Barbe came of age, she became a servant in the home of merchant John Maheu and Marguerite Corriveau, listed in their household in the 1666 census.

By the following year, something happened to Barbe and she was placed in the care of the Nursing Sisters in Quebec City. The medical report said she was “afflicted at that time by some evil spell or infected by some demon spirit.” She was “under the guardianship of Mother Catherine de Saint-Augustin.” Mother Catherine was in charge of the hospital, and she would one day be canonized as a Catholic saint. It was said that she returned to normal and worked at Hotel-Dieu, the hospital in Quebec City, for a period of time. A ledger from January 1671 stated that she was paid 200 livres "for the remainder of her wages" at the hospital.

On November 4, 1670, Barbe married Jean Carrier at Notre-Dame de Quebec. She brought a dowry of “500 livres in silver and furniture,” a good sum of money at the time. The couple settled in Lauzon and between 1671 and 1682, they had four children.

Barbe died in June 1696 at the age of 50. It isn't known when her husband died.

1. Ignace-Phillipe Carrier – B. 5 Sep 1671, Quebec City, New France; d. 3 May 1765, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, Quebec; M. (1) Perinne Grenet (1672-1709), 16 Jun 1693, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France; (2) Catherine-Rosalie Duquet (1688-1753), 2 Jun 1710, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France

2. Marie-Anne Carrier – B. 16 Jan 1674, Quebec City, New France; M. (1) Pierre Turgeon (~1669-1699), 16 Nov 1695, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France; (2) Louis-Théantre Lemieux, 4 May 1700, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France

3. Charles Carrier – B. 23 Dec 1678, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France; D. 26 Sep 1740, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France; M. Marie Gesseron (1682-1756), Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France

4. Jean Carrier – B. 10 Dec 1682, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, New France; D. 14 Dec 1749, Pointe-de-Lévy, Lauzon, Quebec; M. Jeanne Samson (1681-1758), 15 Apr 1705, New France

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