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Banished From Acadia – Pierre Morin dit Boucher

B. about 1634 in Normandy, France
M. about 1661 in Port-Royal, Acadia
Wife: Marie-Madeleine Martin
D. about 1690 in Ristigouche, New France
Emigrated: before 1661

Pierre Morin dit Boucher was the victim of corruption in his town sparked by the action of one of his sons. He was born in about 1634 in Normandy, France; his parents are unknown. He migrated to Port-Royal, Acadia by 1661 where he married Marie-Madeleine Martin. They had 12 children born between about 1662 and 1686. The 1671 census of Port-Royal said that he was a farmer on 1 arpent of land, with 3 cattle and 4 sheep.

In 1680, Pierre moved the family to Beaubassin, a town on the isthmus that connects modern-day Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. It was founded by Michel Leneuf, who had power over the residents there. By 1686, Pierre had 30 arpents of land with 15 cattle, 8 sheep and 12 pigs — a comfortable life. But all that changed when in 1688, Leneuf's 17 year-old daughter became pregnant and Pierre's son Louis was named as the father. This had Louis charged with rape and Leneuf sought to hold the entire Morin family responsible.

Pierre, his wife and all of his children, including some who were married with spouses, were charged — 19 people in all. Their punishment was awarded by a parish priest named Father Claude Trouve, who acted on behalf of Leneuf. He claimed that he took action against the entire family because one of Pierre's sons-in-law spoke out against him. All of the family's property was handed over to Leneuf and and the Morins were banished from Acadia.

Louis was sentenced to a lifetime of service in the French Navy and put on a ship. The family never heard from him again. The other 18 Morin family members left Beaubassin and took refuge in a remote place called Ristigouche, a Mi'kMaq village inside Quebec. It was here that Pierre died within two years. The family eventually moved on and most of them settled in Quebec, continuing the family lines there.

Michel Leneuf and Father Trouve were unpopular men in Beaubassin after what they did to the Morin family. Their actions were reported to authorities in France, and they were forced to leave town. Lenuef is said to have died at sea in 1705.

Famous descendants of Pierre Morin dit Boucher include Céline Dion.

1. Pierre Morin – B. about 1662, Port-Royal, Acadia; D. Apr 1741, St-Thomas, Quebec; M. Françiose Chiasson (1668-1724), 8 Nov 1682, Beaubassin, Acadia

2. Louis Morin – B. about 1664 Port-Royal, Acadia

3. Antoine Morin – B. about 1666 Port-Royal, Acadia

4. Marie Morin – B. about 1668 Port-Royal, Acadia; M. (1) Jacques Cochu (?-~1710), 8 Nov 1682, Beaubassin, Acadia; (2) Jean Pinet, 3 Feb 1710, Quebec City, Quebec

5. Anne Morin – B. about 1670 Port-Royal, Acadia; D. Aug 1745, Quebec City, Quebec; M. (1) René Deneau, about 1687, Beaubassin, Acadia; (2) Jean-Claude Louet (?-1739), 15 Jul 1707, Quebec City, Quebec

6. Jacques Morin – B. about 1671, Acadia; M. Marie-Anne Lavergne (?-~1754), 13 Feb 1699, Quebec City, Quebec

7. Charles Morin – B. about 1674, Acadia; D. about Jul 1724, Quebec; M. Anne-Therese Minet, 23 May 1719, Quebec City, Quebec

8. Marguerite Morin – B. about 1676, Beaubassin, Acadia

9. Jean-Marie Morin dit Ducharme – B. 10 Aug 1680, Beaubassin, Acadia; D. 30 Jan 1717, Quebec City, Quebec; M. Marie-Elisabeth Hubert (1697-1717), 17 Nov 1715, Quebec City, Quebec

10. Jacques-François Morin – B. 23 Sep 1682, Beaubassin, Acadia

11. Simon-Joseph Morin – B. about Jan 1685, Beaubassin, Acadia; D. before 1686, Beaubassin, Acadia

12. Jacques Morin – B. about Mar 1686, Beaubassin, Acadia; D. Apr 1757, St-Pierre-du-Sud, Quebec; M. Marie-Charlotte Robert-Jeannes (?-1734), 25 Aug 1704, Chambalon, Quebec

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  1. I also a descendant of Pierre Morin dit Boucher

  2. I am also a descendant of Pierre Morin dit Boucher and his son Pierre...

  3. Pierre Morin dit Boucher was my 8th great grandfather in the direct line.

  4. Thanks for this story. I, too, am one of many descendants of Pierre and Marie-Madeleine down through Pierre and Pierre, Mathieu, and Matthias, James and Robert Greer Moran. His daughter, Mary Ann Moran was my GGGrandmother. I have a wonderful photo of her. Hello to my many relatives out there from Brisbane, Australia.

  5. Great story that has been passed down many generations. Pierre's great grandson Joseph made his way down to Mississippi. Now the Moran family is a well established and many many descendants now live on the Gulf Coast. ~ Carla Gipson Lizana

  6. I am also a descendant of Pierre Morin dit Boucher and Marie-Madeleine down through Pierre, Denis, Joseph A., Pierre, Lucien, Casimir, Oscar, and Charles. My branch of the Moran's lived in Gulfport,Pass Christian and Gulf Coast region. Hello to all my relatives from Kansas City.

  7. Thank you for making this story available on-line. I is family history that I would not have been aware of. My grandmother was a Morin from Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
    John O'Neill