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Living on the New York Harbor – Dirck Janse Van Sutphen

B. about 1645 in Vorden, Netherlands
M. 1680 in (probably) Flatbush, New York
Wife: Lisbet Jansen Jacobse
D. 1707 in New Utrecht, New York
Emigrated: before 1681

Dirck Janse Van Sutphen was born in Vorden, Netherlands (near Zutphen) in about 1645; his parents are unknown. One source says he migrated to America in 1651, another source says 1676. He settled in Flatbush, New York, now a part of Brooklyn. In 1680, he married Lisbet Jansen Jacobse, the adopted daughter of Auke Van Nuys. Between 1681 and 1699, they had 11 children.

In 1681, Dirck sold his farm to Denyse Theunise, and received in payment four woodland lots in New Utrecht, in a section which is now Bayridge, Brooklyn. Theunise also agreed to build him an 18 foot long boat, and a barn and barrack on his new lots. The present-day boundaries of the land are 71st Street, 79th Street, Second Avenue and the water.

Dirck took the oath of allegiance to the English crown in 1687, and his name is listed on the 1686 patent of New Utrecht. The 1698 census of New Utrecht said that he was living there with his wife, eight children and three slaves valued at £30 each. In 1706, Dirck was assessed for 164 acres of land.

Dirck wrote his will in 1702 and it was probated October 29, 1707, so he probably died just before that date. His will directed that his land go to his oldest son, Jacobus, but that he was to pay off his siblings. Jacobus sold the land in 1718 for £300, but had to buy it back when he found the title couldn't be cleared until his younger brother turned 21. He bought the land back, then resold it in 1724.

1. Hendrickje Van Sutphen – B. about 1681, New York; M. Benjamin Van Cleef (~1683-1747)

2. Jacob Van Sutphen – B. about 1683, New York

3. Jan Van Sutphen – B. about 1685; D. young

4. Jan Van Sutphen – B. 1687, New York

5. Geertie Van Sutphen – B. about 1689, New York

6. Dirck Van Sutphen – B. about 1689, New York; M. Grietje Van Pelt

7. Guisbert Van Sutphen – B. 14 Oct 1693, New Utrecht, New York

8. Abraham Van Sutphen – B. about 1696, New Utrecht, New York; M. Maria Maritje Barkeloo

9. Isaac Van Sutphen

10. Elsje Van Sutphen

11. Elizabeth Van Sutphen – B. 6 Apr 1699; M. Daniel Lake

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