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A Mustard Maker in Gouda – Jan Pauwelsz Van Aersdaelen

B. about 1600 in Nukerke, East Flanders (Belgium)
M. (1) 12 Dec 1624 in Nukerke, East Flanders (Belgium)
Wife: Geertje Phillipsdr Haelters
M. (2) 20 Aug 1652 in Haastrecht, Netherlands
Wife: Margarieta Phillipsdr
D. Jan 1654 in Gouda, Netherlands

The Van Aersdaelen family lived for generations in Nukerke, East Flanders (now part of Belgium). Jan Pauwelsz Van Aersdaele was said to have been born there in about 1600 to Pauwel Pauwelsz Van Aersdaele and Fiermijne Haelters. On November 12, 1624, Jan married Geertje Phillipsdr Haelters in Nukerke. They had at least 5 children between 1625 and 1638. Jan worked in Nukerke as a carpet weaver.

Sometime between 1638 and 1642, Jan and his family left Nukerke, settling in Gouda, Netherlands; it was said that they were fleeing religious persecution. Jan was confirmed as a member of the Reformed Dutch Church in Gouda on July 20, 1642. On November 24th of that year, Jan purchased a house there. On April 8, 1650, he bought an adjacent house as well. The two houses were later consolidated, and they still stand today at No. 26 Naaierstraat. Jan became a “mustard grinder” or mustard maker when he moved to Gouda.

Jan's wife Geertje died in October 1651 and Jan married Margarieta Phillipsdr on August 20, 1652 in Haastrecht, Netherlands. He died in Gouda in January 1654.

Children (all by Geertje Haelters):

1. Philip Jansz Van Arsdalen – B. 1625, Nukerke, East Flanders; M. Trinjte Heberts, 13 May 1653, Gouda, Netherlands

2. Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen – B. 1627, Nukerke, East Flanders; D. 28 Oct 1710, Flatlands, New York; M. (1) Marritje Baltus (1630-1655), 19 Apr 1650, Amsterdam, Netherlands; (2) Pieterje Claese Van Schouw (~1640-?), 1658, Flatlands, New Netherlands

3. Joost Van Arsdalen – B. about 1638, Netherlands

4. Egida Van Arsdalen 

5. Joanna Van Arsdalen 

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