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Farm in Brooklyn Heights – Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw

B. 12 Feb 1606 in Brouwershaven, Netherlands
M. 21 Mar 1632 in Sloterdijck, Netherlands
Wife: Metje Harpentse
D. in New York, date unknown
Emigrated: before 1640

Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw was born February 12, 1606 in Brouwershaven, Netherlands, which is located on the island of Schouw. His father was named Cornelis Jans, but nothing else is known about his background. On March 21, 1632, Claes married Metje Harpentse in Siterdijck, which is now a part of Amsterdam. Metje was born in 1610 and was baptized at Neuwe Kerk (New Church) in Amsterdam in November of that year. Her father, Herbert Jansz, was said to be from "Hassellumem" (probably Haselunne, Germany), and her mother was from Ameland, an island in the North Sea that's near the northernmost point of the Netherlands.

Claes and Metje are thought to have had eight children between 1633 and about 1649, some born in the Netherlands and some in America. The family migrated to New Amsterdam by May of 1640. At first Claes lived on Manhattan, then on November 14, 1642, Willem Kieft granted Claes "16 morgens of land on Long Island opposite Manhattan Island between the ferry and the land of Andries Hudde." This was where present-day Brooklyn Heights is today, and is said to include the land where Brooklyn Borough Hall now stands.

Claes seemed to have another surname he used, Mutelaer, and to have moved to Flatlands, on an island in Jamaica Bay. The island was called Mutelaer's Island for some time, then became known as Bergen's Island. (It's no longer separated by water from Long Island.) He and his wife appeared on several baptismal and other records through the years. It isn't known when either of them died.

1. Pieterje Claese Van Schouw – B. about 1640; D. Flatlands, New York; M. Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen (1627-1710), 1658, Flatlands, New Netherlands

2. Cornelis Claesen Van Schouw – B. about 1643

3. Floris Claese Van Schouw – B. about 1647

4. Claes Claesen Van Schouw – B. about 1648

5. Gergrant Claesen Van Schouw – B. about 1649

6. Arien Claesen Van Schouw – B. about1651

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