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Planning for his Sons' Futures – John Minot

B. about 1626 in Saffron Walden, England
M. (1) 19 May 1647 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Wife: Lydia Butler
M. (2) about 1667 in Massachusetts
Wife: Mrs. Briggs (first name unknown)
D. 12 Aug 1669 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Emigrated: before 1 Apr 1634

John Minot was born in Saffron Walden, England in about 1626; his parents were George Minot and Martha Stocke and he was the second of five sons. When he was between six and eight years-old, the family migrated to America, settling in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His father was fairly well-off and they lived in a house that would stand for over 200 years. John may have been a child in a story involving a house maid fending off an Indian invader when John's parents were away (see George Minot's biography).

On May 19, 1647, John married Lydia Butler in Dorchester. They had four sons and one daughter born between about 1650 and 1665. However, John would not have his children baptized in the church, nor would he join it. This caused problems regarding his status in the community because every man who became a freeman was required to also be a member of the church. It was said that in 1660, two pages of the church record were devoted to arguments on his situation. This was only resolved when the rule was changed in 1665 and a freeman no longer had to be a church member, that John became a freeman.

John's wife Lydia died in childbirth on January 25, 1667, and he married a second wife. Her first name is unknown but she was a widow of John Briggs and the daughter of John Dassett. John died not long after, on August 12, 1669, at the young age of 43. He left a will that specified provision for the future of each of his boys: Oldest son John was given £100, second son James was told to keep going to school (he would graduate from Harvard in 1675), third son Stephen was to be "placed at some convenient trade," and youngest son Samuel was given a portion of land to become a farmer. His daughter Martha was was to have his deceased wife's clothes as "a particular remembrance." The inventory of his estate amounted to over £978, a considerable amount of money for the time.

1. John Minot – B. 22 Jan 1648; M. Elizabeth Breck (?-1691), 11 Mar 1670

2. James Minot – B. 14 Sep 1653, Dorchester, Massachusetts; D. 20 Sep 1735, Concord, Massachusetts; M. Rebecca Wheeler (~1666-1734), about 1684

3. Martha Minot – B. 22 Sep 1657, Dorchester, Massachusetts; D. 23 Nov 1678

4. Stephen Minot – B. 10 Aug 1662, Dorchester, Massachusetts; D. Nov 1732; M. Mercy Clark, 1 Dec 1686

5. Samuel Minot – B. 3 Jul 1665, Dorchester, Massachusetts; M. Hannah Jones

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