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Ordered to Garrison Soldiers – Thomas Patten

B. October 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
M. (1) 1 Apr 1662 in Dedham, Massachusetts
Wife: Rebecca Paine
M. (2) 20 May 1686 in Billerica, Massachusetts
Wife: Sarah (Kendall) Dunton
D. 14 Jan 1690 in Billerica, Massachusetts

Thomas Patten was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts in October 1636 to William and Mary Patten. He was one of six children. When Thomas came of age in 1654, he moved to the new town of Billerica. His house was on the west of Long Street, south of the Common near the house of Francis Richardson. He owned considerable land in Billerica and an interest in a sawmill in the nearby community of Pattenville.

On April 1, 1662, Thomas married Rebecca Paine of Dedham, Massachusetts. Between 1664 and 1680, they had seven children. Rebecca died 11 days after giving birth to their youngest child and on May 20, 1686, Thomas married Sarah Dunton, a widow from Reading whose maiden name was Kendall. They had two children.

Thomas does not seem to have taken an active part in the public affairs of Billerica; in 1664, he was fined thirteen shillings for not doing required military training. Men in communities like Billerica were expected to do some service in protecting their town from attacks by Indians. In 1675, an order was passed by the selectmen and committee of the militia appointing garrison houses and Thomas' house was one of the places selected. The order named five men who were assigned to his house. Thomas was made "overseer" of his garrison and it was his duty to "regulate the work of the garrison and determine what should be done for fortifying them."

Thomas died in Billerica on January 14, 1690 at the age of 52. He left a will and the inventory of his property showed a value of £308. His wife Sarah was pregnant at the time he died and gave birth to a son four months later.

Children by Rebecca Paine:
1.  Mary Patten – B. 21 Aug 1664, Billerica, Massachusetts; M. Benjamin Cromwell, 5 Mar 1703

2. Thomas Patten – B. 22 Mar 1666, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 14 Sep 1752; M. Hannah Foster (~1669-1742), 21 Dec 1699, Billerica, Massachusetts

3. Nathaniel Patten – B. 14 Sep 1668, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 2 Apr 1718, Billerica, Massachusetts; M. Hannah Ross, 6 Dec 1695, Billerica, Massachusetts

4. William Patten – B. 12 May 1671, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 5 Oct 1730, Cambridge, Massachusetts; M. (1) Mary _______ (~1668-1716); (2) Elizabeth ______, 1717, Billerica, Massachusetts 

5. Rebecca Patten – B. 29 Jan 1675, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 13 Feb 1750; M. Joseph Davis (?-1747), 18 Jun 1691, Billerica, Massachusetts

6. Sarah Patten – B. 18 Jun 1677, Billerica, Massachusetts

7. Elizabeth Patten – B. 8 May 1680, Billerica, Massachusetts; M. James Wright, 7 May 1701

Children by Sarah Kendall:
1. Mehitable Patten – B. 28 Feb 1687, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 13 Jan 1743; M. William French (1687-1746), about 1712

2. Kendall Patten – B. 20 Apr 1689, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 14 Dec 1770; M. (1) Abigail ______ (?-1718); (2) Abigail Kittredge (1700-?)

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