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Found Dead in the Woods – Jean-Baptiste Hallé

B. about 1607 in Chartes, France
M. in France
Wife: Mathurine Valet
D. March 1672 near Lauzon, New France
Emigrated: before 1656

Jean-Baptiste Hallé was born about 1607 in a section of Chartes, France called Le Coudray. Nothing is know of his childhood or family. He married Mathurine Valet and they had at least three daughters born in France. Given the ages of Jean-Baptiste and Mathurine, it's likely that they had other children who were married off by the time they migrated to New France, or had died in childhood.

Jean-Baptiste first turned up in Quebec records on January 23, 1656 as the owner of a plot of land in Beauport and it's estimated he arrived alone in 1655. In 1658, he returned to France to bring over his wife and three daughters. They settled in Lauzon, across the water from Quebec City, where they had a son born in 1659.

In 1660, Jean-Baptiste obtained a rental agreement for land in Lauzon from a widow who said that it was difficult to develop her farm “because of the continual raids by the Iroquois.” The land was across the water from what is today the Customs House in the port of Quebec. Jean-Baptiste was listed in the 1667 census as having 12 arpents of land under cultivation and owning 3 head of cattle. He had a domestic servant named André Patry who was 18 years-old.

Jean-Baptiste was “found dead in the woods” in the winter of 1672. There is no further explanation of how he died. He was buried on March 19th in the "cemetery of the Cote de Lauzon." Mathurine died on March 14, 1686 at the age of 77.

Marie Hallé – B. about 1642, France; D. about 1676, Charlesbourg, New France; M. Joachim Gerard, 27 Sep 1660, Quebec City, New France

Barbe Hallé – B. about 1646, Chartes, France; D. Jun 1696, New France; M. Jean Carrier (~1636-?), 4 Nov 1670, Quebec City, New France

Elisabeth Hallé – B. about 1651, France; D. Aug 1726, Quebec City, New France; M. Guillaume Albert dit LaFontaine, 25 Aug 1664, New France

Jean Hallé – B. about 1659, Lauzon, Levis, New France; D. Mar 1726, Lauzon, Levis, New France; M. (1) Marie Maranda (~1664-1694), 16 Nov St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, New France; 2) Marie Drapeau, 18 Jul 1695, Lauzon, Levis, New France

Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Gerard Lebel (translated by Thomas J. Laforest), 1990

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