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From a Noted Yorkshire Family – William Boynton

B. about 1606 in Knapton, England
M. in England
Wife: Elizabeth Jackson
D. 8 Dec 1686 in Rowley, Massachusetts
Emigrated: 1838 on the ship John of London

William Boynton's family traces back many generations in Yorkshire, England. He was born in about 1606 to William Boynton in the village of Knapton, three miles west of York. William Jr. married Elizabeth Jackson in England, date unknown.

In 1638, William along with his wife and brother John, migrated to America on the ship John of London, which sailed out of Hull, England. The expedition was financed by William's cousin, Sir Matthew Boynton, who was a member of the House of Lords and involved with the protestant faction of Oliver Cromwell. Sir Matthew sent backing to the colonies, but never migrated there himself. The group from Yorkshire that traveled on John of London was headed by Reverend Ezekiel Rogers. After the ship arrived in the Massachusetts Bay colony, Rogers chartered a new settlement north of Salem which he named Rowley (after the Yorkshire town where he was from), and the Boynton family moved there.

Between 1640 and 1652, William and Elizabeth had seven children. William was a farmer, weaver and tailor. In 1657, he also took on the job of running Rowley's school as he became the town's teacher. The town agreed to advance William money to enlarge his house for the purpose; he was schoolmaster for over 20 years. It's believed that he was the first teacher in Rowley. In 1673, he was also given the job of sweeping the meetinghouse and ringing the meetinghouse bell, for which he was paid £2.12s.

William acquired a lot of land in the area around Rowley and he generously gave each of his children a farm. He died in Rowley on December 8, 1686.

Famous descendants of William Boynton include Daniel Webster.

1. John Boynton – B. 19 Dec 1640, Rowley, Massachusetts; D. 26 Mar 1665

2. Elizabeth Boynton – B. 11 Oct 1642, Rowley, Massachusetts; D. 1 May 1677, Bradford, Massachusetts; M. John Simonds, 9 Nov 1664

3. Zachariah Boynton – B. 11 Aug 1644, Rowley, Massachusetts; D. 4 Aug 1660

4. Joshua Boynton – B. 10 Mar 1646, Rowley, Massachusetts; D. 12 Nov 1736, Haverhill, Massachusetts; M. (1) Hannah Barnet (?-1722), 9 Apr 1678, Rowley, Massachusetts; (2) Mary Syles (?-1728), 29 Nov 1723, Rowley, Massachusetts; (3) Mary Williams, 30 Oct 1728, Haverhill, Massachusetts

5. Mary Boynton – B. 23 May 1648, Rowley, Massachusetts; M. John Eastman (1640-1720), 5 Sep 1670

6. Caleb Boynton – B. 7 Feb 1650, Rowley, Massachusetts; M. Mary Moore, 24 Jun 1672

7. Sarah Boynton – B.1 Oct 1652, Rowley, Massachusetts; D. 8 Jun 1654

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