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Farm for Sale in 1772 New Jersey – Christoffel Van Arsdalen

B. about 1696 in (probably) Gravesend, New York
M. about 1717 in New York or New Jersey
Wife: Magdalena Van Hengelen
D. before 2 Nov 1772 in (probably) Millstone River, New Jersey

Christoffel Van Aersdalen was born about 1696, probably in Gravesend (now part of Brooklyn), New York, the son of Jan Van Arsdalen and Lammetje Probasco. He was also called “Stoffel.” Christoffel was the oldest of about 11 children. It's believed he was named for his grandfather, Christoffel Probasco.

About 1717, Christoffel married Magdalena Van Hengelen, daughter of Aucke Van Hengelen and Ida Vonk. They were said to have moved to "the vicinity of the Raritans in 1717..." The name "Christofel Van Arsdalen" was included on a list of heads of families in Six-Mile Run around 1720. Christoffel's brothers John, Cornelius, and Jurian Van Arsdalen were also listed as heads of families in Six-Mile Run from 1720-1748.

Christoffel and Magdalena had nine children born between 1718 and 1742. A child born in 1722, Jan, was baptized in Gravesend, and another born in 1734, Lammetje, was baptized in Jamaica, New York where Christoffel's parents lived, but the rest of the time the family appears to have been in New Jersey. Christoffel and Magdalena were listed as early members on an undated record of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Millstone, later named Hillsborough.

Christoffel's date of death is unknown, but his land was offered for sale in 1772. A notice was published in The New York Gazette, or The Weekly Post-Boy on November 2, 1772:

“TO BE SOLD at private sale: The noted farm of Christopher Van Osdall, at Millstone River, in New Jersey, near Peter Schenck’s two miles from Somerset Court House, and eight Miles from New Brunswick. The Farm contains one Hundred Acres of fine Land, consisting of low Land, Meadows, and Wood Land sufficient for the Farm. There is on it a very good Dwelling House 50 Feet in Front, 5 Rooms on a Floor, 3 Fire Places, and a good Cellar under the Whole, with a good Well of Water, a large Dutch Barn, Out-Houses and a very good bearing Orchard of upwards of 300 Apple Trees, 150 of which are grafted of the best Fruit. Also all Sorts of Farmers Utensils, Horses and Cattle, if wanted. For Particulars inquire of John Van Osdall, in New-York, near the North River Ferry, or Christopher Van Osdall, near the Premises, who will give an indisputable Title for the same.”

1. Ida Van Arsdalen

2. Christoffel Van Arsdalen – B. 1720, New Brunswick, New Jersey; M. Nelte Van Pelt, about 1748

3. Jan Van Arsdalen – B. 1722, Gravesend, New York; D. 1798, Orange County, New York; M. (1) Deborah Van Pelt (?-1756); (2) Catherine Mills (?-1779), 30 Sep 1760, New York, New York

4. Ouke Van Arsdalen – B. about 1725; D. 22 Jan 1796, Middlesex County, New Jersey; M. Maria Van Cleef, about 1754

5. Cornelius Van Arsdalen – B. 1729, New Brunswick, New Jersey; M. Sara Wilson

6. Hendrick Van Arsdalen – B. 25 Jul 1731, Hillsborough, New Jersey; D. 24 Mar 1820, Somerset County, New Jersey; M. Catherine Brokaw (1737-1819)

7. Garret Van Arsdale

8. Lemmetie Van Arsdalen – B. 1734, Jamaica, New York

9. Simon Van Arsdalen – B. 1742, Somerset County, New Jersey

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