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Two Children Who Died in a Fire – Jane Kittredge

B. 27 Mar 1703 in Billerica, Massachusetts
M. 25 May 1726 in Billerica, Massachusetts
Husband: Thomas Kittredge
D. 25 Jun 1779 in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Jane Kittredge was born on Mar 27, 1703 in Billerica, Massachusetts to John Kittredge and Hannah French. She was one of 12 children.

Jane married her first-cousin, Thomas Kittredge, on May 25, 1726  in Billerica. They soon had two sons, Thomas and Jonathan, born a year apart. On October 5, 1729, she left the boys in the care of 12 year-old girl while she and her husband Thomas attended church service. The girl saw that some hogs had gotten loose and went out to the cornfield to retrieve them. Unfortunately, while she was gone, the house caught fire with the children inside, and the young boys both died. The New England Weekly Journal reported the tragedy a week later.

Jane went on to have six more children, one who died young and one who died serving in the French and Indian War. Jane died of dysentery and dropsy on June 25, 1779 in Tewksbury (which was formerly a part of Billerica). Her husband survived her, dying in 1794.

1. Thomas Kittredge – B. 10 Apr 1727, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 5 Oct 1729, Billerica, Massachusetts

2. Jonathan Kittredge – B. 28 Jul 1728, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 5 Oct 1729, Billerica, Massachusetts

3. Abigail Kittredge – B. 6 May 1730, Billerica, Massachusetts

4. Thomas Kittredge – B. 9 Nov 1731, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 16 Jan 1806, Tewksbury, Massachusetts; M. Anna Thorndike (1736-1824), 24 Sep 1755

5. Joshua Kittredge – B. 26 Feb 1733, Billerica, Massachusetts; D. 1756

6. Sarah Kittredge – B. 4 Jun 1736, Tewksbury, Massachusetts

7. Joanna Kittredge – B. 1 May 1742, Tewksbury, Massachusetts; M. Joseph Kittredge, 27 Sep 1770

8. Mary Kittredge – B. 20 Jul 1744, Tewksbury, Massachusetts; D. 25 Dec 1747, Tewksbury, Massachusetts

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