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A Woman of Wealth and Status – Anne Derehaugh

B. about 1584 in Badingham, England
M. about 1603 in Badingham, England
Husband: John Stratton
D. after 1642 in (probably) Massachusetts
Emigrated: 15 Apr 1635 on the ship Increase

Anne Derehaugh was connected to royalty in England. She was born in about 1584 to William Derehaugh and Mary Wright of Badingham, England, which is in Suffolk. Anne was one of ten children; her mother was said to be a direct descendant of King John, the English monarch who signed the Magna Carta. In about 1603, Anne married John Stratton of Badingham and they had nine children. John was "an admitted pensioner to Caius College, Cambridge in 1602."

Anne's father died in about September 1610 and her mother died in early 1622. Mary Derehaugh left a will naming some of her children and some of her grandchildren, giving them bequests. Anne's husband died in about May 1627; as oldest son, he had inherited most of the property of the Stratton family, which passed to Anne after his death. This included the house where she lived, Kirkton Manor, as well as another house called Thurkalton.

In about 1630, Anne and her oldest son John, sold Kirkton Manor; it had been in the Stratton family for over 250 years. John, migrated to the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1631, where he had been granted 2,000 acres. A few years later, Anne also migrated there with daughters Elizabeth and Dorothy, arriving on April 15, 1635 aboard the ship Increase. The Stratton family settled in Salem.

In 1641, Anne hired a lawyer in Boston to recover the inheritance of her children from her mother's will of 20 years earlier back in England. The implication is that the grandchildren needed to reach a certain age before receiving the bequests. Anne was recorded in 1642 as being a "plaintiff in suit against Wm. Pester at Ipswich." This was the last mention of Anne and her date of death is unknown.

1. John Stratton – B. about 1604, Badingham, England

2. Thomas Stratton – B. about 1606, Badingham, England

3. William Stratton – B. about 1607, Badingham, England; D. before Dec 1631, England

4. Margaret Stratton – D. May 1617, Shotley, England

5. Anne Stratton – B. about 1612, Badingham, England

6. Elizabeth Stratton – B. about 1614, Ardleigh, England; D. before Jul 1668, Beverly, Massachusetts; M. John Thorndike (1603-1668), 1636, Salem, Massachusetts

7. Anthony Stratton – B. about 1615, Badingham, England

8. Dorothy Stratton

9. Mary Stratton

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  1. Hi,
    we have a mutual ancestor in this lady, i was wondering if it would be ok to use this information on my ancestry tree, i have the info up until she left England but not the American bits

    1. I have no problem with you using the information in my blog.

  2. Anne Derehaugh & John Stratton are my 11th great grandparents