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Giving Up her Family Bible – Sarah Dumont

B. 9 Mar 1764 in Somerset County, New Jersey
M. 30 Apr 1789 in Somerset County, New Jersey
Husband: Christopher Van Arsdalen
D. 28 Feb 1846 in Somerset County, New Jersey

Sarah Dumont was born in Somerset County, New Jersey on March 9, 1764 to Peter Dumont and Sarah Hegeman, their first child together. Peter had two children from a previous marriage. He was prominent in the area and served as sheriff and judge at various times. The family grew to have eight children.

On April 30, 1789, Sarah married Christopher Van Arsdalen, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, in Somerset County. They were third cousins. The date of their wedding was the very same day Washington was inaugurated as the nation's first president in New York City. Between 1790 and 1803, they would have six children; the birthdate of each child is noted in Sarah's family Bible.

When Sarah's father died in 1818, she received land and a female slave named “Dine." Two years later at the death of her mother, she received the majority of her estate valued at about $1,000, and another female slave named “Eve.” What became of the slaves isn't known; slavery was soon phased out in New Jersey.

Christopher died in June of 1840, and in 1843, Sarah filed for his military pension as his widow. Part of her application included the page of the family Bible which proved she was married to Christopher. A letter from one of her sons to the government pleaded that she did not want to give up the page, but she was forced to in order to receive the pension. As a result, the records of births and marriages of her family are preserved in the pension file at the National Archives, which is available to researchers.

Sarah died a few years later on February 28, 1846; she lived her entire life in Somerset County. She left a will leaving her "wearing apparel" to her three surviving daughters, and all other property to be divided equally between her five surviving children.

1. Sarah Ann Van Arsdalen – B. 7 Mar 1790, Somerset County, New Jersey; D. 12 Mar 1858; M. Jacobus Voorhees (1789-?), 7 Jul 1810, Somerset County, New Jersey

2. Henry Christopher Van Arsdalen – B. 1 Jun 1792; D. 6 Nov 1860; M. Maria Van Pelt (1790-1867), 20 Mar 1815, Somerset County, New Jersey

3. Peter Christopher Van Arsdalen – B. 4 Nov 1794, Somerset County, New Jersey; D. 20 Oct 1886; M. (1) Maria Van Middleswart (1798-bef 1828), 31 Dec 1815, Somerset County, New Jersey; (2) Ann Nancy Oppie (1793-1875), 5 Oct 1828, Somerset County, New Jersey

4. Ann Van Arsdalen – B. 29 Jun 1797, Somerset County, New Jersey; D. 29 Oct 1831, Bridge Point, New Jersey; M. John Oppie (1798-1836), 20 Nov 1822, Somerset County, New Jersey

5. Catherine Van Arsdalen – B. 20 Oct 1799, Somerset County, New Jersey; D. 3 Aug 1888, Somerset County, New Jersey; M. Jacob J. Quick (1800-1875), 23 Dec 1823, Somerset County, New Jersey

6. Alletta Van Arsdalen – B. 7 May 1803, Somerset County, New Jersey; D. 13 May 1886, South Branch, New Jersey; M. James S. Ross (1803-1878), 29 Mar 1826, Boundbrook, New Jersey 

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New Jersey marriages,1682-1956

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