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Setting Out Alone from Ireland – Timothy Toole

B. Ireland
M. Ireland
Wife: Hanora Coleman
D. before 1870 in (probably) Sibley County, Minnesota
Emigrated: 14 Dec 1849 on the ship Queen of the West

Timothy Toole (sometimes spelled Tool, O'Toole or McTool) was born in Ireland, but it's not known when or where. He married Hanora Coleman, and they had a daughter named Mary in May 1846. The potato famine struck Ireland a couple years later; it's believed this is why Timothy decided to migrate to America.

Timothy arrived alone in America on the ship Queen of the West, which sailed out of Liverpool, and arrived in New York on December 17, 1849. He settled in Ohio; it may have been Cincinnati, but it's impossible to make a positive identification. Hanora arrived with Mary in 1853, and they had at least two more children, Thomas and Margaret.

Around 1860, Timothy and his family moved to Sibley County, Minnesota. A man named Dominick Toole lived adjacent to Timothy in Sibley County; he was very likely his brother or his cousin. Dominick had also spent a few years in Ohio.

Timothy filed a declaration of intent to become a citizen on July 3, 1866. Then he disappeared from further records. Hanora is listed without him in the 1870 census, suggesting he must have died before then.

1. Mary Toole – B. 3 May 1846, Ireland; D. 14 Dec 1904, Minneapolis, Minnesota; M. Patrick McGuire (1834-1882), 7 Jan 1867, Henderson, Minnesota

2. Thomas Toole – B. about 1857, Ohio

3. Margaret Toole – B. about 1859, Ohio

Declaration of Intent of Timothy Toole, Sibley County, Minnesota, 3 Jul 1866
Passenger list of Queen of the West, 17 Dec 1849
1865 Minnesota State Census, Sibley County, Minnesota
Death certificate of Mary McGuire, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dec 1904
1870 U.S. Census, Sibley County, Minnesota
Marriage certificate of Patrick McGuire and Mary Toole, 7 Jan 1867, Henderson, Minnesota

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