Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Died After Giving Birth – Anne Clapp

B. 21 Nov 1773 in Easthampton, Massachusetts
M. before 1797
Husband: Medad Lyman
D. 13 Dec 1802 in Charlotte, Vermont

Anne Clapp was born November 21, 1773 in Easthampton, Massachusetts to Benjamin Clapp and Phebe Boynton. She was one of 15 children; two of her siblings died as infants.

Sometime before 1797, Anne married Medad Lyman and moved to Charlotte, Vermont. They had three daughters born between 1797 and 1802, and it is believed there were two other infants that died or were stillborn, and they were unnamed. Upon the birth of her third child, Anne had difficulties and never recovered from it. She died just eight days later on December 13, 1802. The baby died the following year.

Her husband remarried, but also died young. Anne and Medad are buried in Barber Hill Cemetery in Charlotte.

Chidren by Anne Clapp:
1. Minerva Lyman – B. 3 Mar 1797; D. after 1865

2. Sophia Lyman – B. 21 Sep 1800, Charlotte, Vermont; D. 2 May 1838, Nelson, New Hampshire; M. Abel Kittredge (1798-1882), 28 Jan 1824, Nelson, New Hampshire

3. Anne Lyman – B. 5 Dec 1802, Charlotte, Vermont; D. 18 May 1803

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