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Servant to a Colonial Lord – Toussaint Giroux

B. about Nov 1633 in Revellion, France
M. (1) 29 Sep 1654 in Beauport, New France
Wife: Marie Goddard
M. (2) 29 Oct 1686 in Beauport, New France
Wife: Therese Leblanc
D. 15 Feb 1715 in Beauport, New France
Emigrated: about 1650

Toussaint Giroux was born about November of 1633 in Revellion, France to Jean Giroux and Marguerite Quilleron. He was one of seven children, but five died young. His father was a weaver and died in 1641 when Toussaint was only a boy.

Toussaint arrived in New France in about 1650 accompanied by Zacharie Maheu with his son René. All three were given grants in Beauport by Robert Giffard, who was a nobleman in New France. On September 29, 1654, Toussaint married a sixteen year-old girl named Marie Godard. Toussaint and Marie worked as servants for Giffard and lived in an outbuilding of his signeurial manor. Between 1655 and 1679, they had 12 children. The firstborn child was recorded in the local parish registry:

"In Lord Giffard's house on April 30th, 1655, Toussaint Giroux and Marie Godard's son was delivered by Lord Giffard. On May 7th this son was baptized by Father Raganeau, a Jesuit. Godfather – Joseph Giffard; Godmother – Louise Giffard, Lord Charles de Lauson's wife. The name Charles was given to him. The child deceased and was buried the same day, May 7th, 1655."

Eventually, Toussaint moved on from being a servant. About 1658, he bought a plot of land in the Bourg de Fargy section of Beauport. He built a house consisting of “a heated room, antechamber, cellar and attic.” Toussaint was friends with Michel Baugis and the two men became eel fishermen together. They lived next to each other in the 1666 census. Toussaint was among 65 people confirmed at the church of Notre-Dame de Quebéc on February 24, 1660. In 1681 he had 53 arpents of land under cultivation.

Marie died on November 21, 1684, and Toussaint married Therese Leblanc on October 29, 1686. They had a daughter born two years later, but the marriage ended in a separation that was granted on April 12, 1691. The reason had been that Therese spent a large sum of money shopping in Quebec City and caused Toussaint to go into debt, so he arranged to end their marriage.

Toussaint spent a month in the Quebec hospital in 1692, for unknown reasons. In 1711, he sold a tract of his land to grandson Raphael on the condition he care for him in his old age and pay a sum of money to each of his children after his death. His estranged wife Therese tried to block this arrangement in the courts, but lost.

Toussaint died on February 15, 1715. He was 81 years-old.

Famous descendants of Toussaint Giroux include Robert Goulet.

Children by Marie Godard:
1. Charles Giroux – B. 30 Apr 1655, Beauport, New France; D. 7 May 1655, Beauport, New France

2. Raphael Giroux – B. 21 Jul 1656, Beauport, New France; D. 10 Feb 1715, Beauport, New France; M. Marie-Madeleine Vachon, 26 Nov 1681, New France

3. Charles Giroux – B. 10 Aug 1658, Beauport, New France; D. 23 Dec 1708, Beauport, New France

4. Toussaint Giroux – B. 2 May 1660, New France; D. 7 Jul 1660, New France

5. Michel Giroux – B. 13 Jun 1661, Beauport, New France; D. 6 Aug 1715, Beauport, New France; M. Marie-Therese Prévost, 18 Aug 1683, New France

6. Toussaint Giroux – B. 21 Oct 1663, Beauport, New France; D. 10 Nov 1663, Beauport, New France

7. Jean Giroux – B. 26 Oct 1664, Beauport, New France; D. 16 Jan 1732, Beauport, New France; M. (1) Marie Dauphin (1673-?), 8 Feb 1685, New France; (2) Suzanne Bélanger, 12 Feb 1686, New France; (3) Marie-Charlotte Grenier, 27 Feb 1707, New France

8. Marie-Anne Giroux – B. 28 Dec 1666, Beauport, New France; D. 9 Jun 1711, Charlesbourg, New France;  M. Jean-Baptiste Prévost, 18 Aug 1683, Beauport, New France

9. Jean-Baptiste Giroux – B. about Dec 1668, Beauport, New France; D. before 1681

10. Marie-Madeleine Giroux – B. 29 Dec 1669, Beauport, New France; M. (1) Pierre Choret, 21 Jan 1686, Beauport, New France; (2) Maurice Rhéaume, 10 Jan 1705, Charlesbourg, New France

11. Toussaint Giroux – B. 1 Mar 1672, Beauport, New France; D. 25 Feb 1750; M. Marie-Therese Dauphin (1674-1732), 15 Nov 1690, Beauport, New France

12. Monique Giroux – B. about 1679, Beauport, New France; D. 1 Mar 1725, Quebec City, New France; M. Noel Vachon dit Pamerlaux, 24 Oct 1695, New France

Children by Therese Leblanc:
1.  Marie-Madeleine Angelique Giroux – B. 14 Feb 1688, Beauport, New France; D. 31 Jul 1746; M. (1) Vincent Rodrique, 11 Jan 1707, Beauport, New France; (2) Jacques Paridis, 15 Feb 1729, Beauport, New France

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  1. Toussaint & Marie Giroux were My Great x8 Grandparents

  2. My Great Grandpa Albert Giroux was born Nov 4 1871 in Manchester NH .after leaving the New World "Canada" Our Ancestors Great Great Grandparents Adolphe & Rose "Carbonneau" Giroux settled in NH ...It was My Great Grandpa that removed the i from Giroux changing our name to Groux !

  3. I am also a descendant Of Toussaint Giroux I have recently traced My Giroux Family History From My Great Grandfather "Albert Giroux" to our ancestors Toussaint Giroux Son of Jean Giroux & Marguerite Quilleron in Réveillon, Mortagne-Au-Perche, Orne, France. My Great Grandpa Albert Giroux Born 1871 in Quebec, Canada
    was married To Alphonsine Marceau born in Ste Agathe, Quebec, Canada. Some time after or before the birth Of My Grandpa also named Albert He Removed The I from our name changing it to Giroux ~ we always knew our ancestors were Giroux's from France. I am so excited to have Put it all together at last. Sincerely,Elizabeth Ann Groux Daughter of Albert John Groux Jr. born 1925 To Albert Aubrey Groux & Grace D. Legge Groux

  4. I am hoping you can help me or maybe point me in the right direction. I am trying to do a family tree for my mom , she lost both parents months apart when she was 8 and a half and she is 65 now. However she was raised my her grandmother who was up in age at that time. I do know my great grandfather's name was Pete Giroux , from Quebec, Canada and he married Edith sometim s towards the end of the 1800s or early 1900s. They settled in Toledo, Ohio. Any help would be appreciated more then you know. Thanks for your time.
    Samantha Jackson