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A Blacksmith in Quebec – Barthélemy Verreau

B. about 1631 in Dijon, France
M. 22 Sep 1665 in Château-Richer, New France
Wife: Marthe Quitel
D. 17 Dec 1700 in Château-Richer, New France

Barthélemy Verreau dit LeBourguigon was born in Dijon, France to Michel Verreau and Claudine Rocher in about 1631. Barthélemy received some education in his youth, and trained to be a blacksmith.

It is believed Barthélemy came to New France the summer of 1662 under contract to an edge-tool maker named Jean Milot of Montreal. As part of payment for his labor, he was given the tools to be a blacksmith and edge-tool maker. In January of the following year, Barthélemy was listed as a member of the militia of Montreal to protect against Iroquis attacks.

Barthélemy left Montreal about the end of 1664 and moved to the Beaupré Coast. On June 27, 1665, he bought a lot measuring 40 square feet. He built a house on the lot, but made an error when the gable extended two feet beyond the property onto the property next door. He would eventually pay to have the lot enlarged by a few feet.

In 1665, ships were bringing in young women into Quebec City to populate the colony and Barthélemy chose one to be his bride. Her name was Marthe Quitel and they were married on September 22nd in Château-Richer. Between 1667 and 1684, Barthélemy and Marthe had nine children. The family was listed in the censuses of 1667 and 1668 in Château-Richer. The census of 1682 listed Barthélemy in a different location with 4 head of cattle and 6 arpents of land under cultivation.

Barthélemy worked as a blacksmith well into his 60s, making hammers and plowshares for fellow colonists. He died on December 17, 1700 at Château-Richer. After his death, his son Barthélemy acquired all of his tools.

1. Antoine Verreau – B.13 Jan 1667, Château-Richer, New France; D. young

2. Jeanne Verreau – B. 15 Nov 1668, Château-Richer, New France; D. 22 Oct 1711, Quebec City, New France; M. (1) Pierre Cloutier (?-~1702), 16 Feb 1696, Château-Richer, New France; (2) Jacques=Baptiste Cauchon (1663-1726), 16 Apr 1703, Château-Richer, New France

3. Joseph Verreau – B. 27 Jan 1671, Château-Richer, New France; D. 28 Feb 1671, Château-Richer, New France

4. Marie Verreau – B. 18 Mar 1672, Château-Richer, New France; D. 25 Feb 1703, Château-Richer, New France; M. Pierre Dumas dit Langoumois (~1668-?), 16 Feb 1699, Château-Richer, New France

5. Marguerite Verreau – B. 26 Apr 1674, Château-Richer, New France; D. before 1748; M. Jacques Boutillet (1668-1749), 12 Jan 1699, Château-Richer, New France

6. Prisque Verreau – B. Sep 1676, Château-Richer, New France; D. before 1681

7. Barthélemy Verreau – B. 13 Jul 1678, Château-Richer, New France; D. Jun 1718, New France; M. Marguerite Prieur, 13 Feb 1708, Château-Saint-Louis, New France

8. François Verreau – B. 20 Mar 1682, Château-Richer, New France; M. Genevieve Gagné, 20 Jan 1724, Château-Richer, New France

9. Anne Verreau – B. 10 Jul 1684, Château-Richer, New France

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