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Adopting a New Name – Jan Teunise Van Middleswart

B. about 1654 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland
M. 16 Nov 1679 in New York
Wife: Catlyntje Tunisen Bogaert
D. after 1742

Jan Teunise (or Tunisen) was born in about 1654 and baptized in New Amsterdam on April 12th of that year. His parents were Teunis Nyssen and Phoebe Sayles and he was one of nine children. In the Dutch naming tradition, Jan's surname was Teunise meaning "son of Teunis."

On November 16, 1679, Jan married Catlyntje Tunisen Bogaert. Between 1680 and 1699, they would have at least four children. They lived in Wallabout (now a part of Brooklyn) in 1687, and Jan was recorded as taking the oath of allegience that year.

Jan and his family moved to Raritan, New Jersey, becoming among the first Dutch settlers there. One source says the family lived there as early as 1683, but since Jan was listed in Brooklyn in 1687, they likely moved a little later. He was installed as First Elder of the First Church of Raritan on September 19, 1699. And in 1704 and 1710, he was a member of the assembly in New Jersey. His name was after 1710 was Van Middleswart, which meant “of Middlebout,” a variation of Wallabout, where he had lived in Brooklyn. He went by the name Van Middleswart, but his brother Cornelius kept Tunison as his name.

Jan acquired a house and lot at the Brooklyn ferry in 1723. He made out his will with his grandson Abraham Dumont named as executor. His date of death is unknown.

Famous descendants of Jan Teunise Van Middleswart include Humphrey Bogart.

1. Femmetje Teunise Van Middleswart – B. about 1680, Kings County, New York; D. 25 Aug 1706, Somerset County, New Jersey; M. Peter Dumont (1679-1744), 25 Dec 1700

2. Teunis Van Middleswart – B. about 1682, New York; M. Adriaentje _______

3. Sarah Teunise Van Middleswart – B. about 1685, New York; M. John Brokaw (~1680-1740), about 1704, Somerset County, New Jersey

4. Abraham Teunisen Van Middleswart – B. about 1699, Somerset County, New Jersey

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  1. Interesting. I was just looking up my husband's Middleswart name to see if I could find any more info on its origin. We have a family-published genealogy type book, from some time ago, which has a similar bit of info on why Van Middleswart, but it said this "Middlebout" place was called that because it was between Brooklyn and Flatbush. We are in the midwest--Tom comes from Iowa, we live in NW Missouri but most of his family is still in Iowa and from this same older book we know there are a lot of Middleswarts in Nebraska, too, where there is a Middleswart Pass somewhere, I think.