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English Soldier Settling in Canada – Charles W. Hughes

B. 1819 in Almondsbury, England
M. 15 Jun 1842 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Wife: Maria (Bevan) Baird
D: before 1864
Emigrated: 4 Sep 1838

Charles Hughes was from a village northeast of Bristol, England called Almondsbury. He was born in 1819 to Thomas and Hester Hughes, their fourth child. The family was likely very poor with Thomas described as a laborer. Nothing is known of the heritage of Hester. Charles was baptized along with a younger brother and sister when he was 7 years old. Three of his five brothers died young, and his father died at age 44 when Charles was 16. 

On February 8, 1837, Charles joined the Royal Artillery at Bath. His enlistment record described him as being five feet seven inches tall with brown hair, fair complexion and hazel eyes. On September 4, 1838, he arrived by ship in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He met a widow by the name of Maria (Bevan) Baird and married her in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on June 15, 1842. They settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where their oldest child Charles was born in 1845. The following year, Charles was discharged from the service for an "irregularity in his enlistment." He had served a total of nine years.

By May 1847, Charles and his family moved to Charlottetown, where four of their children were born. He seems to have had many types of jobs to support the family. In the 1848 census, he was listed with occupation of cordwainer (shoemaker). By 1853, he was working as a servant, and in 1857 he had become a seaman. 

In May of 1857, Charles and his family sailed to the United States, arriving in Boston. Soon after, the Hughes family moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin, where the youngest child was born in 1858. Charles was listed on the 1860 census with the occupation of shoemaker. This was the last record of him, and by 1864, Maria was back in Charlottetown listed as a widow in the city directory. Extensive research has been done to try to find a death certificate or grave for Charles, but all efforts have been unsuccessful.

1. Charles William Hewes – B. 20 May 1845, Fredericton, New Brunswick; D. 24 Nov 1872, Boston, Massachusetts; M. Charlotte Elisa Pippy (1846-1923), 12 Aug 1867, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

2. Caroline Augusta Hughes – B. 22 May 1847, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; D. 26 Jan 1889, Boston, Massachusetts; M. Henry T. Matifes (1847-?), 21 Sep 1867, Boston, Massachusetts

3. Elizabeth Matilda Hughes – B. 25 Sep 1849, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; D. 16 Nov 1937, Los Angeles, California; M. Edwin G. Bentham (~1845-1928), 6 Jan 1868, Boston, Massachusetts

4. George Henry Hewes – B. 17 Oct 1853, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; D. 18 Sep 1923, Tujunga, California; M. Nancy Sophia French (1856-1916), 17 Jul 1879, Boston, Massachusetts

5. James Job Hewes – B. 27 Aug 1855, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; D. 19 Oct 1935, Winchester, Massachusetts; M. Emma R. Tirrel (~1857-?), 5 Jun 1883, Boston, Massachusetts

6. Gertrude E. Hewes – B. 6 Aug 1859, Whitewater, Wisconsin; D. 10 Oct 1916, Los Angeles, California; M. (1) Charles A. Fernald (~1853-1910), 25 Dec 1876, Boston, Massachusetts; (2) Alfred R. Phillips (~1866-?), 19 Sep 1895, Boston, Massachusetts

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