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The Battered Wife – Julia A. McGuire

B. 30 Mar 1871 in Green Isle, Minnesota
M. 1 Jun 1891 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Husband: Louis La Brie
D. 18 May 1922 in St. Paul, Minnesota

Julia McGuire was born on March 30, 1871 in Green Isle, Minnesota to Patrick McGuire and Mary Toole. She was their first child, although her father had children from an earlier marriage. The family would grow to include two younger brothers and three younger sisters.

Julia’s early life changed at age 11 when her father died. Her mother was forced to give up the family farm and move to Minneapolis, where Julia’s grandmother already lived. Julia helped the family by earning money as a seamstress when she was 16. Then she became a cook in a restaurant, which was where she met her husband, Louis La Brie, a waiter. They were married on June 1, 1891.

Julia McGuire at about age 20

Between 1892 and 1910, Julia had three sons and six daughters. Two of the boys died as infants, but all of the girls survived. The family moved around between the twin cities until they bought a house in St. Paul in 1906.

Married life was very difficult with Louis as a husband — he was known to get violent with Julia and the children. In March 1911, after Julia was beaten one evening, the family had Louis arrested, and he committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell. She was left with the house only half paid for. She also had several very young children; her youngest was only 4 months-old. The older children got jobs to support the family, while Julia continued to stay at home.

Julia with daughter Hazel in about 1918

In about 1919, Julia opened a lunchroom in Minneapolis. Four of her daughters helped in the restaurant, but she kept it for only about a year. In her early 50s, her health was declining. She had gained weight and probably had high blood pressure. On May 18, 1922, Julia died of a stroke at her home in St. Paul. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul.

Julia's daughter Elsie standing in front of her mother's lunchroom, 1920

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