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Insulting the Neighbors – Jeanne Rossignol

B. about 1652 in Chartes, France
M. (1) 1 Sep 1670 in Quebec City, New France
Husband: Charles Petit
M. (2) 4 Feb 1674 in Quebec City, New France
Husband: Jean Forget
M. (3) 28 Feb 1676 in Neuville, New France
Husband: Urbain Fouquereau
M. (4) 2 Sep 1704 in Neuville, New France
Husband: François Huard dit Laliberte
D. 22 Jan 1712 in Quebec City, New France

Jeanne Rossignol was born in about 1652 to Martin Rossignol and Renee Desjardins in Chartes, France. After her father died when she was a teen, her future looked uncertain; then she was accepted to be a King's Daughter, part of the migration to New France. Marriageable women were selected to help populate the French colony, a place where males far outnumbered females. As a King's Daughter, she had her passage paid for and could receive a payment of 50 livres if she married a French settler. In addition, Jeanne arrived with 200 livres in goods to offer a prospective husband. She was chosen almost immediately by a man named Charles Petit, and they were married on September 1, 1670.

Jeanne settled in Neuville with her husband and had two sons, but Charles died in 1673.
She married a second husband Jean Forget on February 4, 1674 and they had one son, but Jean died two years later. She married a third time to Urbain Fouquereau on December 28, 1676. Jeanne and Urbain had eight children born between 1677 and 1696; then Urbain died in February 1700. Jeanne married a fourth time to François Huard dit Laliberte, a widower.

In 1673, Jeanne got in trouble with her neighbors Neuville. She filed a complaint against Suzanne Rousselin, another King's Daughter, but lost the case when the court told her to “keep out of others’ business” and warned both not to insult each other. That same day, Jeanne was also brought under charges of slander by neighbors Jacques and Mathurine Renault. She lost this case too; the court decreed that “unless Jeanne could prove that Jacques was a thief and his wife a whore, she would have to make a ‘reparation of honor’ (public apology) to the couple, which she did.”

Jeanne died on January 22, 1712, at the Hotel-Dieu de Quebec, a hospital that is known as the first in what is now Canada and the United States. Her husband died there as well on August 24, 1722.

Children by Charles Petit:
1. Jacques Petit – B. about Oct 1672, Neuville, New France

2. Nicolas Petit – B. 4 Jan 1674, Neuville, New France

Children by Jacques Forget:
1. Jean Forget – B. 31 Oct 1675, Neuville, New France

Children by Urbain Fouquereau:
1. Pierre Fouquereau – B. about Aug 1677, Neuville, New France; D. young

2. Elisabeth-Ursule Fouquereau – B. 22 Aug 1679, Neuville, New France; D. 31 Dec 1758, Riviere Oelle, New France; M. Pierre Soucy (1673-1760), 13 Jan 1699, Riviere Ouelle, New France

3. Michel Fouquereau – B. 5 Oct 1681, Neuville, New France

4. André Fouquereau – B. 20 Dec 1683, New France

5. Madeleine Fouquereau – B. 10 Jul 1686, Neuville, New France; M. (1) Jacques Richaume, 25 Feb 1710, Repentigny, New France; (2) Louis Cailloneau, 8 Jan 1714, Repentigny, New France

6. Guillaume Fouquereau dit Urbain – B. 23 Mar 1690, Neuville, New France; M. Marie Anne Riviere (1699-?), 20 Mar 1719, Repentigny, New France

7. Marie-Anne Fouquereau – B. 3 Jul 1693, Neuville, New France; M. (1) Marien-Joseph Riviere (?-1719), 24 Nov 1712, Repentigny, New France; (2) Antoine Laniel dit Desrosiers, 29 Nov 1719, Repentigny, New France

8. Marie-Helene Fouquereau – B. 14 Feb 1696, Neuville, New France; M. Michel Rivet, 18 Jan 1718, Repentigny, New France

King's daughters and founding mothers: the filles du roi, 1663-1672, Peter J. Gagné, 2001

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