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A Suit From Samuel de Champlain – Marin Boucher

B. about 1589 in St-Langis-les Mortagne, France
M. (1) 7 Feb 1611 in St-Langis-les-Mortagne, France
Wife: Julienne Baril
M. (2) 29 Mar 1629 in St-Langis les-Mortagne, France
Wife: Perrine Mallet
D. 29 Mar 1671 in Château-Richer, New France

As one of the early settlers of New France, Marin Boucher knew Samuel de Champlain personally. He was born in about 1589 in St-Langis-les-Mortagne, Normandy, France to Jacques Boucher and Françoise Paigne. It is known that he had at least two sisters.

Where Marin Boucher was from

On February 7, 1611, Marin married Julienne Baril in St-Langis-les-Mortagne. Between 1611 and 1625, they had seven children. Julienne died in 1627 and Marin married a second wife, Perrine Mallet on March 29, 1629. They had two sons born in France.

Marin was a stone mason, and this skill was probably why he was recruited by Robert Giffard to help populate the colony of Quebec. Marin and his oldest son sailed on the ship St-Jehan, which arrived on June 4, 1634; the rest of his family migrated the following year. It's believed that the new colonists stayed in Fort St-Louis before moving to a permanent settlement. The fort was built by Champlain in 1608, and it was said that at some point Marin did some stonework for the colony's founder. When Champlain died in December 1635, Marin was remembered in his will: "I give to Marin, mason, living near the house of the Récollet Fathers, the last suit I had made from material which I got at the store." Unfortunately, the will was contested by a cousin back in France and was overturned.

After settling in New France, Marin had five more children with wife Perrine, born between the years 1636 and 1647. Marin cultivated land in the settlement of Beauport, a short distance down the river from Quebec City. Some of this had been abandoned by Récollets (a French order of the Catholic church) when the French were driven out of Quebec in 1629. Years later in 1670, the Récollets returned and reclaimed their land. Marin contested this and lost; by this time, he had moved on to Château-Richer.

Marin died at Château-Richer on March 29, 1671. He was recorded by the local priest as having received the last rites and was buried in the cemetery of Château-Richer. Because he had 14 children, Marin has several hundred thousand descendants living today, including Madonna and Justin Bieber.

Children by Julienne Baril: 
1. Nicole Boucher – B. 8 Nov 1611, Mortagne, France

2. Jean Boucher – B. 15 Mar 1613, Mortagne, France; D. 21 Sep 1617, Mortagne, France

3. Louise Boucher – B. 15 Aug 1615, Mortagne, France

4. François Boucher – B. 21 Nov 1617, Mortagne, France; D. 18 Nov 1678, Sillery, New France; M. Florence Gareman (1629-1686), 3 Sep 1641, Quebec City, New France

5. Étienette Boucher – B. 11 May 1620, Mortagne, France

6. Charlotte Boucher – B. 15 Jan 1622, Mortagne, France

7. Marie Boucher – B. 8 Jun 1625, Mortagne, France

Children by Perrine Mallet:
1. Louis-Marin Boucher dit Boisbuisson – B. 25 Aug 1630, Mortagne, France; D. 18 Dec 1700, Quebec City, New France

2. Jean-Galleran Boucher – B. 16 Feb 1633, Mortagne, France; D. 29 Mar 1714, Riviere Ouelle, New France; M. Marie Leclerc, 10 Oct 1661, Château-Richer, New France

3. Françoise Boucher – B. 22 Jun 1636, Quebec City, New France; D. 18 Apr 1711, Château-Richer, Quebec; M. Jean Plante (1621-1706), 1 Sep 1650, Quebec City, New France

4. Pierre Boucher dit Pitoche – B. 13 Feb 1639, Quebec City, New France; D. 3 May 1701, Riviere Ouelle, New France; M. Marie-Anne Denys (1650-1705), 4 Apr 1663, Château-Richer, New France

5. Madeleine Boucher – B. 4 Aug 1641, New France; D. 28 Oct 1709, Laneuville, New France; M. Louis-Noel Houde, 12 Jan 1665, Château-Richer, New France

6. Marie Boucher – B. 11 Apr 1644, New France; D. 15 Jul 1730, L'Ange-Gardien, New France; M. Charles Gaudin, 6 Nov 1656, Château-Richer, New France

7. Guillame Boucher – B. 5 May 1647, Quebec; D. 1 Jul 1729, Château-Richer, New France

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