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Prominent Early Brooklyn Man – Teunis Gysbertse Bogaert

B. 1625 in Heikop, Netherlands
M. (1) 19 Aug 1654 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland
Wife: Sarah Rapalje
M. (2) 11 Nov 1687 in New York
Wife: Geertje Jans Langdendyck
D. 1699 in (probably) Brooklyn, New York

Teunis Gysbertse Bogaert lived in Brooklyn for over 40 years, all during the 17th century. He was born in 1625 in Heikop (Hei-en Boeicop), Netherlands; his parents were Gijsbert Theuniszn Bogeart and Aertijen Bastiaens. He was known to have younger siblings and he seemed have at least a basic education, but no details are known of Teunis' life before he migrated to New Amsterdam in about 1652.

Where Teunis was born

Teunis first turns up in records in the Dutch colony on August 19, 1654 when he married Sarah Rapalje in New Amsterdam. Sarah had the distinction of being the first European child born in the New Netherland colony in 1625. She was 29 and widowed when she married Teunis, and had eight children from her first marriage to Hans Bergen. With Teunis, she had seven more, of which one died as an infant; they were born between 1655 and 1668.

On October 24, 1654, Teunis was granted 100 acres of land by Governor Stuyvesant. The tract of land was at Bedford (in present-day Bedford-Stuyvesant) and he shared the grant with another settler, Aert T. Middagh. In 1661, he sold a part of the original Bergen tract to another prominent Dutch pioneer, Rem Janse Vanderbeek, his neighbor who married Jannetje, sister of Sarah Rapalje. On April 5, 1667, he obtained a patent in his own name of Hans Bergen's patent of 420 acres in Wallabout.

Teunis held many offices in the Dutch colony. On April 24, 1660, he was appointed a magistrate of Amersvoort and Midwout by Governor Stuyvesant. In 1662, Teunis was a member of the Bushwick Militia, and he served under Captain Ryck Lydecker for several years. On Mar 19, 1663, he was appointed a magistrate in Brooklyn, succeeding his father-in-law, Joris Rapalje, serving in that capacity until 1673. He was on Governor Nicolls' patent of Brooklyn in 1664. He served as a magistrate of Bushwick in 1664 and 1665, and was a representative of Brooklyn in the Hempstead Convention of 1665.

Teunis' signature in 1664

By 1673, Teunis was one of the most prosperous farmers on Long Island, and as a result, one of the largest taxpayers. In September 1676, he was taxed £331 by Brueckelen (Brooklyn). At the time he owned 5 horses, 5 oxen, 23 cows, 9 hogs, and about 80 acres of land.

Teunis' wife Sarah died in 1685 and he married Geertje Jans Langdendyck on November 11, 1687. Teunis died in 1699; no will for him has been found in records of the colony.

Famous descendants of Teunis include Humphrey Bogart.

Children (all by Sarah Rapalje):
1. Aertje Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1655, New Netherland; M. Theodore Polhemius, 24 Oct 1677, New York

2. Catalyntje Tunisen Bogaert – B. 16 Dec 1657, Wallabout, New Netherland; M. Jan Teunise Van Middleswart (~1654-?), 16 Nov 1679

3. Neeltje Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1660, New Netherland; D. young

4. Aaltje Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1661, New Netherland; M. Charles Claasz, 11 Dec 1681

5. Antje Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1665, New York; M. Joris Abrahamse Brinckerhoff

6. Neeltje Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1665, New York; M. Cornelis Teunise Denyse, 22 Aug 1687, New York

7. Gysbert Tunisen Bogaert – B. about 1668, New York; M. Jannetje Van Arsdalen (~1667-1731), 16 Apr 1689, New York

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