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Married a 13 Year-old Girl – Joachim Martin

B. about 1636 in Aytré, France
M. (1) 5 Nov 1662 in Quebec City, New France
Wife: Marie Chalifour
M. (2) 16 Jun 1669 in Quebec City, New France
Wife: Anne-Charlotte Petit
D. 30 Jun 1690 in Saint-Pierre, New France

Joachim Martin was born about 1636 in Aytré, France to Jacques Martin and Luce Chaslut. Aytré was a small community outside of La Rochelle, a place where the ships left for New France. On April 11, 1656, Joachim signed a contract to be an indentured servant . He was to receive the sum of 75 livres per year for three years. He arrived aboard the ship Le Taureau.

After his term of service was up in February 1660, Joachim bought a farm in L’Ange-Gardien on the Beaupré Coast, but cancelled his purchase the following day. He may have at this point signed another contract of servitude. There was a shortage of women in New France, and on November 5, 1662, Joachim married a 13 year-old girl named Marie Chalifour at Notre-Dame de Quebec. Her father offered to build the couple a house 18 by 16 feet and promised to feed them "until All-Saints’ Day 1663,” but Marie died within the year. In 1664, Joachim settled on the Ile d’Orleans; he was listed in 1667 as having 9 arpents of land under cultivation.

Joachim married a second wife, Anne-Charlotte Petit on June 16, 1669 in Quebec City. Betwenn 1671 and 1689, they had eight children. The family lived on Ile d’Orleans until 1680 when Joachim signed a 3-year sharecropping lease under Pierre Denis. The deal offered workable land with 6 arpents of river frontage in La Canardiére. The land had “a habitable house, barn, stable yards [and] gareden.” Joachim was required to share half of his crops with Denis.

The 1681 census shows that Joachim owned a gun and 10 head of cattle, with 15 arpents under cultivation. In 1684, he was hired by a wealthy woman in Quebec City, Anne Auber, to deliver building materials for her new house; he was paid by the boatload. By 1685, Joachim and his family returned to Ile d’Orleans, to the parish of Saint-Pierre, where his last two children were born. The house where the family of 10 lived measured 24 by 18 feet.

In 1690, Joachim spent 9 days in the hospital at Quebec City, but returned home and died on June 30, 1690 at the age of 54. His wife Anne remarried twice and outlived all of her husbands, dying on March 3, 1736 in St. Augustin, New France.

Children (all by Anne-Charlotte Petit):
1. Louis Martin – B. 12 Jun 1671, Ste-Famille, Ile d’Orleans, New France; D. May 1749, La Pocatiere, Kamouraska, New France; M. Louise-Angelique Raté (1680-1749), 12 Jan 1700, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France

2. Marie-Anne Martin – B. 4 Apr 1673, Ste-Famille, Ile d’Orleans, New France

3. Marguerite Martin – B. 6 Jan 1675, Ste-Famille, Ile d’Orleans, New France

4. Marie-Angelique Martin – B. 4 Mar 1678, Ste-Famille, Ile d’Orleans, New France; M. (1) Pierre Chatal dit Lafleur (?-1707), 12 Jan 1696, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France; (2) Pierre Chatigny dit Lepine (~1682-?), St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France

5. Catherine-Françoise Martin – B. May 1680, La Canadiere, New France

6. François-Lucien Martin – B. 22 Jun 1683, Quebec City, New France; M. Marie-Françoise Autin, 25 Nov 1710, Riviere Ouelle, New France

7. Jean-Baptiste Martin – B. 2 Dec 1686, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France; M. Marie Genest, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France

8. Marie-Charlotte Martin – B.16 Jan 1689, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France; M. (1) Louis Vernas dit Dufresne (?-1720), 25 Feb 1710, St-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, New France; (2) Pierre Raté (1699-?), 14 Oct 1725, Quebec City, New France

Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Gerard Lebel (translated by Thomas J. Laforest), 1990


  1. Joachim Martin's Haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a1b3 , which is the category of ASHKENAZI JEW. LaRochelle was a community of Jewish people in France.

    1. Interesting speculation. Thanks for adding it here.

  2. Joachim Martin is one of my greater grandfathers and down his more recent line is my 3rd great grandma Marie Catherine Martin in Quebec and then last was Helenor Saucier-Reynolds.

  3. He is an ancestor of mine. Many of my "catholic" French Canadian ancestors are from La Rochelle and have passed down their Ashekenazi Jewish DNA onto me (according to several different types of DNA tests). I have no known jewish ancestry otherwise.